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Man Hiding in a Porta Potty Busted
- by Opie Winfrey, Staff Mumbler
Your worst nightmare has come true. No, not the one where you are making a speech in front of the freshmen class wearing only shoes! I'm taking about the man in a Porta Potty nightmare.

Peepers are a rare breed. The perps with a disturbing fetish risk everything to catch someone doing something when the person thinks that they are completely alone. We've heard of the manager at the Hooters in West Covina, California that was sentenced for "videotaping female job applicants as they changed into waitress uniforms." We've also heard of the Starbucks Employee that put a hidden camera in the bathroom. But then there's the guy that is willing to submerge himself in human waste to get a look at someone doing their business. This guy is a special type of weirdo, and it's hard to even imagine what special punishment could fit the crime. You'd think that being covered in feces and urine would be enough to dissuade this kind of foul behavior.

Now the Porta Potty Peeper of your nightmares has made headlines in Boulder Colorado. A man named Luke Irvin Chrisco went to the Hanuman Yoga Festival, but he wasn't there do learn the Downward Dog. Reportedly, a woman saw things moving in the Porta Potty tank, so she sent a guy in to confirm her suspicions. Sure enough, the perv was in there alright, covering himself with a tarp. "A security guard waited outside the lavatory for 10 minutes until a shirtless, barefoot man with numerous cuts on his back and legs, and covered in feces, emerged.

The guard tried unsuccessfully to apprehend him as he ran from the festival grounds" (Reuters).

Tipsters told the cops about 30 year old, and the dirty Mr. Chrisco was actually nabbed for illegal panhandling, miles away from his crappy crime scene. Luke Chrisco is the proud winner of two misdemeanor prizes; one for criminal invasion of privacy and a charge of unlawful sexual contact. Hopefully he will think twice before doing such a shitty thing again.

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